NRC, Dominion Meet Today Regarding Earthquake's Effects on North Anna Nuclear Plant

As Dominion Resources and inspectors from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission analyze data from the Aug. 23 earthquake centered 12 miles from the North Anna nuclear plant, the NRC has scheduled a meeting today to assess their results so far.

The 5.8 magnitude quake near Mineral, Va., caused both of North Anna's reactors to shut down automatically, and damage to the grid briefly cut electricity to the plant. The NRC recently sent an augmented inspection team to evaluate the earthquake's effects after preliminary reports indicated shaking in some areas may have exceeded North Anna's design limits. At today's meeting at NRC headquarters from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., EST, Dominion is expected to present the results from some of its analysis of ground motion at the site. The utility and NRC officials are also expected to discuss the next steps they will take as they ensure the reactors meet the requirements necessary to restart.

The augmented inspection team will remain on-site through next week. Once its inspection is complete, the NRC will hold another meeting near the plant to discuss preliminary results before issuing a final report next month.

The reactors both shut down safely following the earthquake, and backup systems functioned as planned. The NRC has not reported finding any damage to plant safety systems. On plant grounds, a Dominion spokesman told the Washington Post that 25 of the plant's 53 dry storage casks for spent fuel shifted during the earthquake but did not appear to be damaged.

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