NRC: No Restart at North Anna Nuclear Plant Before Oct. 21 Meeting

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission remains undecided as to when it will allow electrical generation to resume at North Anna, but on Friday the agency indicated the Virginia nuclear plant will remain offline at least until after a meeting later this month.

The NRC has scheduled a meeting at its Maryland headquarters for Oct. 21 to hear reports from Dominion Virginia Power, the agency’s Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation and the regional office that oversees the plant. Inspections have been ongoing since both reactors at North Anna shut down automatically during a 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered 12 miles away. Ground motion measured at some parts of the plant may have exceeded design limits, and the NRC last week requested further information on components that may have been damaged by the quake.

Dominion has indicated its testing shows equipment at the plant is in safe condition and ready to restart. When the plant comes back online, unit 2 will remain down for a scheduled refueling outage. Both units near Richmond, Va., are Westinghouse pressurized water reactors that generate roughly 980 megawatts electric each, according to the NRC.

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