San Onofre Nuclear Plant Owners Complete $90 Million Coastal Mitigation Project

The co-owners of California’s San Onofre nuclear plant dedicated a $90 million wetlands restoration Monday.

The 150-acre project created an estuary that will significantly expand bird and fish populations. It also creates space for outdoor recreation and migratory waterfowl. Along with a previously completed fish hatchery and a kelp reef near San Clemente, Calif., state regulators have said the environmental project satisfactorily offsets the marine impact of the nuclear plant’s salt-water cooling intake.

At roughly 2,200 megawatts electric, the two-unit plant is Southern California’s largest power generator. It is owned by Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric and the City of Riverside. According to SCE, it can power 1.4 million homes.

“The completed project represents 14 years of work, including research, permitting and construction by a skilled team of environmental project professionals," SCE vice president Cecil House said in a release. "The outcome is a coastal enhancement that will benefit nature and local residents for the foreseeable future."

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