GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and Fluor Corporation Partner for Olkiluoto 4 – Finland’s Latest New Nuclear Power Plant

With Finnish utility Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) looking to build a fourth nuclear reactor, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) today announced it has signed a project development memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Fluor Corp. Under the terms of the MOU, Fluor would serve as GEH’s engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) partner if TVO selects GEH’s next-generation reactor technology for the “Olkiluoto-4” project.

GEH is a designer of advanced boiling water reactor (BWR) technology and services worldwide while Fluor is a engineering and construction company that has provided the global nuclear industry with design and construction support for 23 reactors. In September 2011, GEH and Fluor announced a similar project development MOU for potential reactor projects in Poland.

TVO is evaluating several different reactor technologies for the “Olkiluoto-4” project, including GEH’s Generation III+ Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) design. In July 2010, Finland’s parliament ratified "Decisions in Principle" for two reactor projects—including TVO’s plan to build the fourth reactor at Olkiluoto. GEH’s ESBWR, a reactor that utilizes natural circulation and passive safety technology, is the world’s safest available reactor design as measured by industry standards.

In order to meet TVO’s project expectations and provide the most competitive bid for an ESBWR project, GEH turned to Fluor, a longtime energy industry partner.

“By signing this new project development agreement, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and Fluor are demonstrating our shared commitment and global supply chain readiness to TVO to deliver an ESBWR project on time and on budget,” said Danny Roderick, senior vice president of new plant projects for GEH. “Our companies offer the technology expertise and project management experience required to help TVO achieve its energy and economic priorities.”

Under the MOU, GEH and Fluor will jointly bid on the Olkiluoto-4 project, offering a complete and competitive solution for TVO.

“We look forward to demonstrating that Fluor’s comprehensive EPC expertise, together with GEH’s full-scale reactor technology, will provide Finland with a cost-effective, safe and secure solution for its future energy needs,” said Chris Tye, Fluor’s senior vice president for its nuclear power business line.

Together, GEH and Fluor attended FinNuclear’s “Meet the Vendor” event in Tampere, Finland on October 19-20, 2011. The forum, hosted by the Finnish Nuclear Industry Association, brought together reactor vendors and potential Finnish suppliers. GEH and Fluor believe that it is vital to engage the very knowledgeable and experienced local nuclear workforce.

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  • AREVA OL3 and possible GEH for OL4? Does it make sense?  I would think AREVA probably learned a bunch from OL3 to not be the low bidder for OL4. Why change the vendor after OL3?