In UK, Plans for New Reactors Advance at One Nuclear Site While a GE-Hitachi PRISM Proposal Is Rumored at Another

Recent nuclear news from the United Kingdom includes the public release of plans for new reactors at Hinkley Point and an unconfirmed report that GE-Hitachi may pitch its salt-cooled PRISM reactor as a solution to the country’s excess plutonium problem.

For Hinkley Point, British regulators released the 30,000-page application to build a new nuclear plant at the site on the Bristol Channel. EDF submitted plans to build two Areva EPR pressurized water reactors to the Infrastructure Planning Commission on Oct. 31, and the agency released them for public comment last week, the BBC reported. If approved, the project could be finished in 2020.

In the north of England, The Sunday Times reported GE-Hitachi may propose the use of its PRISM fast-reactor technology at Sellafield. The British government announced this summer it would close a MOX production plant at the former Cold War site after it lost key customers in Japan. The PRISM small modular reactor would provide another way to use plutonium while rendering it unusable for nuclear weapons. Without citing any sources, the British newspaper suggested GE-Hitachi is planning to pitch the reactor design to the British government.

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