STP CEO Hired to Oversee Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. announced Wednesday that it has hired Edward Halpin -- chief nuclear officer and CEO since late 2009 at the South Texas Project -- to head California’s Diablo Canyon nuclear plant.

He will assume the title of senior vice president and chief nuclear officer at PG&E. As such, he will oversee the company’s sole nuclear plant, which operates two roughly 1,150 megawatt Westinghouse pressurized water reactors about 180 miles north of Los Angeles. The plant is in the locally contentious process of seeking an extension to its license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, although that application is on hold as the company conducts further seismic research.

Halpin has worked for STP and its reactors near Houston since 1988, according to an STP release. He began as a startup engineer when unit 1 began operating, working his way up to executive positions that would eventually include chief nuclear officer, president and CEO. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a degree in ocean engineering and later earned master’s degrees at Seton Hall University and Fielding Graduate University.

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