Rotor Installed as Repairs at South Texas Project Reactor Near Completion

Unit 2 at the South Texas Project nuclear plant near Houston should be back online soon after crews successfully installed a refurbished rotor in its generator last week.

South Texas Project. Source: NRCReuters reported the 200-ton rotor returned from a Siemens plant in North Carolina and was reinstalled Wednesday. Crews also replaced 72 stator coils and had shipped out the main generator hydrogen cooler for refurbishment.

The repairs stem from a generator lockout and reactor trip early on Nov. 11, according to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission event report. The unit, one of two 1410 megawatt Westinghouse pressurized water reactors at the plant, has been offline since what was later determined to be a ground fault that led to the damage in the generator. NRG has said it expects the unit to be back online by the middle of this month.

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