Environmental Group: Duke-Commissioned Study Could Indicate Crystal River Damage More Extensive Than Originally Thought

A North Carolina environmental group claims an unpublished study related to the merger of Duke Energy and Progress Energy could suggest repairs at the Crystal River nuclear plant would need to be more extensive than originally thought.

Quoting a source claiming to represent Duke shareholders opposed to the merger, NC WARN said Duke’s board commissioned a study of containment building concrete delamination that has kept the Progress plant in Florida shut down since 2009. The group reported the repair feasibility and cost study is independent of Progress, and that it will be presented to the Duke board in the coming days. It is purportedly being conducted by an outside firm.

According to NC WARN, the anonymous source “believes that, most likely, its recommendations will be inconsistent with Progress’ assumptions on the viability, cost and duration of repair.”

In a written response reported by the Tampa Bay Times, Duke said it "continues to follow the Crystal River status while Progress evaluates its technical options (and) … we continue to work toward the regulatory approvals and target closing the Progress merger July 1."

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  • Anonymous

    How can the CEO of Progress Energy, who was responsible for this mess, become CEO of the largest investor-owned utility in America.  He should be asked to step aside by the Board of Directors.