Uprate to Make Grand Gulf Most Powerful US Reactor

The boiling water reactor at Entergy's Grand Gulf nuclear plant is set to become the most powerful commercial reactor in the country following an uprate approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The NRC announced approval of the uprate Thursday. According to the agency, the unit will generate roughly 1,500 megawatts once the 15 percent power increase is implemented.

The uprate will be enabled by upgrading turbine rotors for reactor feed pumps, the power range neutron monitoring system, the steam dryer and the turbine, according to the NRC. First licensed in 1984, the Mississippi nuclear plant uses a General Electric type 6 reactor with Mark III containment.

The upgraded reactor will exceed the power output of the Combustion Engineering System 80 model of pressurized water reactor used at Arizona's Palo Verde nuclear plant that is currently the most powerful in the country.

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