Entergy Shuffles Nuclear Leadership

Anticipating retirements at multiple sites, Entergy on Monday announced it will move several key executives within its nuclear fleet.

EntergyBeginning Feb. 4, Grand Gulf Site Vice President Mike Perito will become a senior Entergy vice president with responsibility for the FitzPatrick, Pilgrim and Vermont Yankee plants in NRC Region 1. Perito will replace Kevin Bronson as he exits the nuclear industry after a 32-year career.

At Mississippi's Grand Gulf plant, Kevin Mulligan will take Perito's place. Mulligan previously worked as the general manager at FitzPatrick, as maintenance manager at Pilgrim and most recently as vice president of operations support at Entergy's Echelon operations center in Jackson, Miss.

At Arkansas Nuclear One, Site Vice President Chris Schwarz is also retiring in February. Grand Gulf general manager Jeremy Browning will take his place.  

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