DOE Solicits Spent Fuel Storage Demonstration Projects

The Department of Energy has offered a tentative sign that it may be interested in consolidated spent-fuel storage projects in the future.

The Augusta Chronicle noted that DOE's Office of Nuclear Energy posted a notice last week to identify potential private-sector resources for a large-scale spent-fuel-storage demonstration project. While no funding or formal program has been announced, the concept aligns with a proposal to consolidate spent fuel at regional storage facilities in the absence of a geologic repository in Nevada's Yucca Mountain.

In January, the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future suggested a "consent-based" approach to consolidating spent fuel at one or more interim storage facilities, and Congress considered legislation to that effect earlier this year. A coalition in New Mexico is advocating for waste storage in the south-eastern part of the state, and the Chronicle reported that another economic development organization is exploring the potential for spent fuel storage at the Savannah River Site.

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  • Anonymous

    Here's an idea, recycle our used fuel. If our present administraton will get out of the way we could do so, like France. Check out the energy status of that country. Just how dumb do we have to be about this?