MHI, Areva Offer Atmea 1 Reactor to Turkey

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Areva are planning a joint bid to build the Atmea 1 generation III+ pressurized water reactor in Turkey.

Atmea 1 reactor illustration. Source: Areva/MHIThe county is soliciting international companies to build reactors at its Sinop site, which will be the second nuclear power complex built in Turkey. Quoting a Turkish government official, Nikkei recently reported that the Japanese-French consortium will pursue the opportunity. The companies have previously sold reactors in Jordan.

Kepco, Candu, Rosatom and Chinese firms were also among the companies expressing interest in the project, according to the World Nuclear Association. Rosatom in 2010 was confirmed as the company that will build and operate four AES-2006 reactors at Akkuyu, which will be Turkey's first nuclear plant. Construction there is scheduled to begin this year while the Turkish government and state utility EUAS continue negotiations for 5,600 megawatts of additional nuclear generation at Sinop on the Black Sea.

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