Mac McFarland Takes Over as Luminant CEO

On New Year's Day, Mac McFarland officially took over as CEO of Luminant, the largest power generator in Texas and operator of the two-unit Comanche Peak nuclear plant near Dallas.

McFarland replaced David Campbell. He resigned at the end of the year to work for an energy-focused investment firm, according to a Luminant release.

The incoming CEO previously held the title of chief commercial officer at the company. He also worked as an executive at Exelon for ten years in finance, mergers and acquisitions, marketing and trading positions. He has a bachelor's in engineering from Virginia Tech and a master's in business administration from the University of Delaware. In the last year he also completed the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reactor Technology Course for Utility Executives, according to his Luminant biography.

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  • Anonymous

    Hopefully, he will rethink union contracts, which have better employee training and serve to provide contract workers benefits.