Reactor at South Texas Project Back Online After Jan. Fire

Unit 2 at the South Texas Project returned to full power Tuesday following the replacement of a transformer destroyed by a fire Jan. 8.

The fire at the unit's main transformer lasted about 15 minutes and resulted in a reactor trip from full power, according to a report filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Emergency diesels started, and reactor safety systems performed as expected.

Since then, crews have analyzed the transformer and replaced it, according to a South Texas Project release. They also completely disassembled the reactor's turbine generator system for inspection and replacement of turbine blades, bearings and other parts. Plant managers ordered 549 other maintenance activities while the unit was down and rescheduled its refueling from April to mid-November.

The two Westinghouse reactors at the plant near Houston together produce about 2,700 megawatts. They are owned by Austin Energy, CPS Energy and NRG Energy.

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