U.S. Nuclear Plants Order Spent Fuel Pool Monitoring Systems

Two companies recently announced large orders for spent fuel monitoring equipment following new requirements implemented by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in response to the Fukushima Daiichi accidents.

MOHR SFP monitoring system. Source: MOHROn Friday, Richland, Wash.-based MOHR announced an agreement with the Utilities Service Alliance to provide monitoring equipment for several nuclear plants, including Columbia, Cook, Cooper, Fermi, Fort Calhoun, Hope Creek, Monticello, Prairie Island, Salem and Susquehanna. Specifically, the company will provide its EFP-IL spent fuel pool water level measurement instrumentation, which meets the requirements of NRC order EA-12-051. The system's electric field perturbation guided wave radar technology can measure water-level changes as small as 3 mm, according to a release. The equipment comes with a redundant battery backup that allows operation for seven days without plugging in.

Areva announced a similar deal last week. It will sell 20 VEGA through-air radar systems for Duke Energy's nuclear plants to meet the new SFP monitoring requirements.

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