Following Fatal Accident, Arkansas Nuclear One Reactor Back Online

On Monday, Entergy announced that Arkansas Nuclear One's unit 2 reactor reentered service over the weekend after a cascade of incidents March 31 that involved the death of a worker.

Arkansas Nuclear One. Source: NEI Nuclear NotesEarly that evening, a generator stator fell from a lift device during service to unit 1 at the plant. The industrial accident killed contractor employee Wade Walters, 24, and injured eight others. According to Entergy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, it also damaged a breaker cubicle, interrupted offsite power to unit 1 and tripped unit 2 from full power.

In a release, Entergy said multiple third-party experts evaluated the plant before it restarted. The company also noted that all of the eight injured workers have been treated and released from the hospital.

According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, unit 2 was operating at 29 percent power Tuesday. Unit 1 remains offline and was undergoing a refueling outage at the time of the accident.

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