Poll: Large Majorities Living Near Reactors Favor Nuclear Power, Interim Waste Sites

A biennial survey of people living near U.S. nuclear plants found that support for nuclear power remains strong, as does support for the government's new strategy to move spent fuel to consolidated interim sites while working on a permanent repository.

Support for nuclear power remains higher among people who live near plants than among the public at large. According to a Bisconti Research survey commissioned by the Nuclear Energy Institute, 81 percent of people living within ten miles of a nuclear power plant somewhat favored (34 percent) or strongly favored (47 percent) the use of nuclear power. That compares to 68 percent support among the public at large, based on a survey earlier this year.

The recent poll of 1,098 adults living near U.S. reactors, excluding plant workers, also showed broad support for nuclear construction. According to the report released Monday, 68 percent agreed with the statement, "If a new power plant were needed to supply electricity, it would be acceptable to add a new reactor at the site of the nearest nuclear power plant."

On waste disposal, most of those surveyed backed a strategy outlined by the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future to move spent fuel from individual plants to interim storage sites. Eighty two percent supported that strategy, and 90 percent felt a permanent disposal facility should be built as well.

The NEI has commissioned the study of plant neighbors every two years since 2005, and previous polls have shown similar support for nuclear power. The most recent poll had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.

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  • Anonymous

    Then, there are many of us who want to see the used fuel recycled! Waste not, want not! Carter, who oversaw the worst energy policy we ever had shut down our recycling before it ever had a chance to start, arn't we over him yet?