Fines Issued for Workplace Fatality at Arkansas Nuclear One

The Department of Labor has issued $175,000 in fines to several companies involved in an accident that took the life of a worker at Arkansas Nuclear One earlier this year.

Arkansas Nuclear One. Source: NRCDuring an outage at unit 1 in March, a 500-ton turbine generator stator fell to the floor while being moved, killing a 24-year-old contractor employee and injuring eight others while causing extensive damage and an unplanned shutdown at unit 2. On Friday, the DOL's Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced plans to penalize plant owner Entergy and three contractor companies for 30 safety violations related to the accident.

Siemens Power Generation will be fined $63,000, Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. will be fined $56,700 and Entergy will be fined $49,000, according to an OSHA release. Precision Surveillance Corp., which OSHA said employed the worker who died, will be fined $6,300 for "failing to provide an effective communication system to alert the operator or signalman through an emergency stop signal." The companies will have 15 business days to contest the violations before an independent commission.

In the release, OSHA Area Director Carlos Reynolds said, "This tragedy could have been prevented had the employer ensured vital safeguards to protect workers from potential hazards and proper planning for a project of this magnitude."

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