Florida Settlement Sets Ratepayer Share of Crystal River, Levy Nuclear Costs

A settlement approved by Florida regulators Thursday has established how Duke Energy will spread the costs of the failed Crystal River steam generator replacement and an abandoned project to build new reactors in Levy County.

Florida public service commissioners voted four to one to approve the agreement. It incorporates an $835 million payment for Crystal River from Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited – the largest in NEIL's history – in addition to $295 million from Duke and its shareholders, with the remaining $270 million paid by customers. The agreement also formally ends plans to build Levy units 1 and 2 while allowing the utility to collect money for project costs until 2017, according to a PSC release.

The utility spent about $1.5 billion on the Levy project, the Tampa Bay Times reported. It estimated the settlement's total monthly cost to the average household, using 1,000 kilowatt hours per month, will amount to an additional $8.24 starting in January.

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  • Anonymous

    $8.24 per house hold? How about the cost to replace the lost generation? The air quality lost by not being clean nuclear? What if we ever get out of the Obama mode and decide to grow as a country need more power? Wind mills, solar cells and magic? G Wood