Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Back to 100 Percent Operation after a 3 Year Outage

According to the Fort Calhoun’s power status, the plant has reached 100 percent power production.  Fort Calhoun initially shut down for a maintenance outage in April 2011, but significant flooding that summer, a small fire and a series of safety violations forced it to remain closed.

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power PlantNumerous upgrades have been made to Fort Calhoun's operating and safety systems, as well as major changes to the plant's equipment, processes and procedures. The upgrades will provide the plant with better protection against flooding and from debris blown by storms. Modifications included stronger steam and high pressure lines and enhanced barriers to radiation within the plant.

The OPPD president and CEO Gary Gates stated that the last several years have been challenging for OPPD and their customers as they worked to bring the plant back online. He added the power plant has undergone significant major upgrades to numerous vital systems which will set them up to run through the term of their operating license.

OPPD signed an operating services agreement in August 2012 with Exelon to take over the operation of Fort Calhoun. Exelon Nuclear Partners has been assisting in the recovery of the plant since the beginning of 2012. 

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