Severe Weather Continues to Affect U.S. Reactor Performance Over the Weekend

Reports filed with regulators and published Monday showed a number of U.S. nuclear plants dealing with severe weather and other issues into the weekend. These included:

Robinson power plant. Source: NRCSt. Lucie: Just after midnight Friday, the Florida Power & Light plant cancelled an unusual event notification that had been declared after heavy rain pushed storm drains close to their capacity, according to a report filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Both units continued to operate safely at full power.

Robinson: Unit 2 at the Duke Energy plant in South Carolina was back up to 98 percent power Monday after an automatic reactor trip Thursday night. The plant shut down from full power when a turbine trip occurred during testing of a steam generator water level protection channel, according to the NRC.

Brunswick: The Duke plant in North Carolina declared an unusual event Friday evening, reporting an explosion from a failed insulator on a breaker on plant grounds. No smoke was reported afterward. It did not affect safety-related electrical loads, and both units remained at full power.

Monticello: The Xcel Energy plant in Minnesota notified state regulators of a drop in discharge water temperature Saturday "due to an emergent reduction in reactor power and generator load in response to a degrading condenser vacuum." An NRC notification indicated unit 1 was at 60 percent power at the time of the report, climbing back to 91 percent power by Monday.

Farley: Technical specifications required that unit 2 at the Southern Co. plant shut down Saturday. An NRC report said abnormal indications during testing of a solid-state protection system meant the system couldn't return to service within the required 24 hours. The plant was back up to full power Monday.

Fort Calhoun: After icing on a sluice gate forced the plant to shut down Thursday, operators at the Nebraska plant began to restart the reactor Sunday morning. Personnel reported a manual reactor trip to the NRC when a control rod could not insert to the same level as the others. The plant was back in operation at 6 percent power Monday.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks like only 2 are weather related......

  • I suppose that's a fair point, anonymous. To be honest, I was challenged to come up with a headline for this one. There was enough going on in Monday's event reports -- between the NUEs, follow ups to previous shutdowns and reactor trips -- I thought they deserved a roundup, and weather was a common thread in a couple of them.

    Thanks for reading,


    Nuclear Street News Team