Nine Mile Point Reports Temporary Loss of Offsite Power Line, Radiation Monitor

On Sunday, unit 2 at the Nine Mile Point nuclear plant in upstate New York temporarily lost one of two offsite power lines, as well as monitoring components in two plant systems.

Shortly after noon, an offsite event took the 115 kilovolt line out of service and emergency diesel generators started automatically, according to a report filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The unit also experienced a feedwater level control lockup that required manual intervention, the NRC reported. The control in question was reset. No emergency core cooling systems actuated, and the reactor operated at full power throughout the event. Unit 1 was not affected.

An update sent to the NRC the following day reported that a service water radiation monitor and radwaste/reactor building vent gaseous effluent monitoring systems also stopped working. They were restored after about 2.5 and 14.5 hours, respectively.

The plant near Oswego, N.Y., operates two General Electric boiling water reactors. Unit 2 is a GE type 5 reactor with Mark II containment first licensed in 1987. They generate more than 1,900 megawatts and are majority owned by Constellation Energy Nuclear Group, which is controlled by Exelon.

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