Dominion Orders Earthquake Study at North Anna Nuclear Plant (With Video)

Dominion Virginia Power has determined that updated seismic data call for a new study of potential earthquakes at its North Anna nuclear plant, although the utility does not expect the findings will require modifications.

Dominion executives told the Richmond Times Dispatch that the plant will be among 47 facilities needing additional studies following the Central and Eastern United States Seismic Source Characterization for Nuclear Facilities model released in 2012. A new probabilistic risk assessment will analyze the effect of potential ground motion at North Anna based on the updated data set. While the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will scrutinize the results, plant officials said they are confident the assessment will fall within the plant's existing design margin. North Anna successfully withstood a beyond-design-basis earthquake in 2011 that did not cause any serious damage.

This recent video from the Nuclear Energy Institute offers more information on earthquake protective measures at North Anna and other U.S. reactors: