NRC Issues Two Yellow Findings for Fatal Crane Collapse at Arkansas Nuclear One

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has finalized its investigation into a fatal industrial accident at Arkansas Nuclear One last year, issuing two yellow findings related to the event that left a reactor reliant on power from backup generators for six days.

The results are somewhat less severe than the combination of a red and a yellow finding the regulator initially proposed. In a release Tuesday, the NRC reiterated its conclusion that Entergy failed to adequately supervise the design and load testing of a lifting device that collapsed while moving a 525-ton generator stator. The agency said it will notify the plant of any enhanced inspection requirements resulting from the findings but did not mention a fine.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued fines totaling $175,000 for several companies involved in the stator replacement. An earlier NRC report recounted that the stator fell onto the turbine building floor, rolled into a train bay 30 feet below and ruptured an eight-inch fire main. The accident killed a 24-year-old man, injured eight others, cut offsite power to unit 1 and cut one offsite power supply to unit 2, according to the report.

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