Duke to Auction Equipment from Shuttered Crystal River Reactor

Looking for a good deal on power plant components? Distribution equipment? Shop tools? Duke Energy plans to auction a range of new and used equipment from its Crystal River 3 nuclear plant next month.

Crystal River's reactor closed permanently last year following a steam generator replacement that resulted in extensive delamination of its shield building. Duke previously sought bids for 76 unirradiated fuel assemblies from the site, and it's currently arranging to sell more than a million pieces of general plant equipment. These include items like a Siemens turbine generator, industrial pumps, valves, motors, transformers and sensors. Shop equipment for sale includes cranes, hand tools, cabling and welding equipment.

Preregistered participants can inspect items at the Florida plant Sept. 22-23. The auction will take place Sept. 24-26 at 9301 W. Fort Island Trail in Crystal River, Fla., and via webcast. More information is available from auction manager Heritage Global Partners. Duke Energy said in a release that proceeds will go toward reductions in the amount ratepayers will be charged in association with the plant.

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  • Anonymous

    Is it taxe payers or ratepayers who will pay?

  • Anonymous: There's a simple answer and a complicated answer to your question. The simple answer is that Duke Energy and its customers -- not taxpayers -- will pay for costs associated with CR3. The complicated answer is that the costs will be divided multiple ways among multiple stakeholders associated with the plant. CR3 has an existing trust fund to cover its decomissioning expenses, and Duke does not anticipate additional ratepayer charges will be needed to suppliment it. The costs associated with the steam generator replacement and abandoned containment building repairs will be divided between the plant's insurer (NEIL), Duke shareholders and Duke ratepayers. You can find Duke's summary of the settlement here: www.duke-energy.com/.../2013080101.asp This story also provides a good rundown: www.tampabay.com/.../2147708

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