Toshiba To Merge Westinghouse Steam Turbine and Generator Business With Two Others

[Updated] Multinational energy giant Toshiba said it would reorganize its North American power companies, combining steam turbine and generator business for nuclear power plants at Westinghouse Electric Co. and Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corp. with the thermal and hydropower business operated by Toshiba International Corp.

Westinghouse AP1000 buildThe new company is to be called Toshiba American Energy Systems Corporation. It is on track to begin operations April 1, 2015 with its headquarters in North Carolina.

Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corp.'s headquarters are in Charlotte, N.C. Toshiba International Corp. has three divisions with Corporate, Industrial, & Transmission & Distribution and LED Lighting in separate quarters in Houston and Power Systems centered in San Francisco. Westinghouse Electric has its headquarters in Cranberry Township, Pa., a suburb of Pittsburgh.

The reorganization is expected to create 500 additional jobs. In a statement, however, Westinghouse said that the reorganization would streamline sales and services, which is often a signal that those departments could expect layoffs.

"This reorganization of key elements of Toshiba Group's power systems business in the US is a major step forward. A unified, focused organization will be more efficient and, most importantly, able to support our customers from planning through to maintenance services,” said Shigenori Shiga, corporate executive vice president of Toshiba Corp., and president and chief executive officer of Toshiba’s Power Systems Co.

Toshiba American Energy Systems or TAES will concentrate on steam turbines and generators for nuclear power and supplies for renewable energy systems. In addition, TAES will develop a new service center to be located in Milwaukee.

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