Hinkley Point B Reactor Four Off-line For $60.1 Million Maintenance Outage

Electricite de France said it had taken the Hinkley Point B Reactor Four off line for the start of 10-week statutory outage that will include the hiring of 1,000 workers, who will complete 12,000 work assignments.

The maintenance work is valued at $60.1 million and is being touted as an economic boon to the surrounding area, which includes Somerset, Britain, which is also the home of Hinkley Point A, which has been shut down for decommissioning. It is also the future home of Hinkley Point C, which has yet to be built.

Among the larger tasks on the list will be replacement of two gas circulators and replacement of turbine blades.

The maintenance projects, which took two years to plan, is “good news for the local economy, which will see benefits for local shops, taxis, restaurants, B and Bs and hotels,” said Station Director, Mike Harrison.

The projects will also ensure power generation “for many years to come,” he said.

The Hinkley Point B facility, which began operations in early 1976, includes Reactors 3 and 4. Reactor 3 is operating at 495 MW, which is listed as a nominal full load. That unit is scheduled for a maintenance outage scheduled to begin in January 2016.

Hinkley Point B includes two Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor with a 1250 WMe generation capacity. The facility has a payroll of 535 full time EDF Energy employees, plus 220 full time contract partners.

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