Westinghouse Electric CEO Roderick Expects Ongoing Work In China

If you are thinking of applying for a job at Westinghouse Electric or one of its supplier companies, it might be wise to brush up on your Mandarin.

Westinghouse AP1000 buildThis advise is a logic step given statements made by Chief Executive Officer Danny Roderick, who said this week that Westinghouse Electric expects to have contracts tying the company to 12 nuclear plant construction projects in China in the near future.

In statements made in New York at an event hosted by the Nuclear Energy Institute, Roderick said that a “realistic” assessment of future business in China would place Westinghouse in the vicinity of a 25 percent to 30 percent market share.

The CEO also estimated that China could build 200 reactors in the next 15 years.

Contracts in the future, however, may be piecemeal, given the Westinghouse agreement to share AP1000 technology that was part of a deal to build four nuclear plants in China – projects that are already underway.

The first of those reactors expected to be completed is Sanmen 1, which Roderick said is scheduled to go online in 2016.

China is expected to build up its own nuclear power plant export business with its own 1,400 MW version of the AP1000, Platts reported.

Roderick said that Westinghouse is expected to provide reactor coolant pumps to Chinese plants, which could amount to deals worth $800 million.

Westinghouse pump supplier Curtiss-Wright is expected to be included future business, despite troubles with C-W pumps that have contributed to delays at the Sanmen and Haiyang construction sites.

The pumps were returned to the company for rebuilds after they developed overheating problems and trouble with bearings.

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  • Anonymous

    We had better get serious about building out our nuclear electric generation fleet.  Otherwise putting "Made in China" on any products will be unnecessary because EVERYTHING will be made there.