India's First Nuclear Power Plant Steam Generators Shipped To Kakrapar 3

India’s engineering, manufacturing and construction giant Larsen and Toubro (L&T) has built the country’s first two 700 MWe steam generators designed for the Kakrapar Atomic Power Station Unit 3 operated by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited.

Kakrapar 3The first generator for the pressurized heavy water reactor of indigenous design reached the facility on June 16, while the second was sent on its way on July 4.

“The completion of first 700 MWe pressurized heavy water reactor steam generator is a major milestone towards ‘Make in India’ vision. Success was achieved through relentless dedicated joint efforts by L&T & NPCIL engineers,” said L&T Heavy Engineering President heavy M.V. Kotwal.

The generators each weigh “about 215 MT,” reported Business Standard. They are made of heat-treated (quenched), tempered steel with nickel-iron-chromium alloy U-tubes. They were made partnership with Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad.

Part of India’s efforts to create an indigenous reactor, also relies on L&T Special Steel and Heavy Forgings, which is a joint venture between L&T and NPCIL. The 65,000 square meter facility in Hazira in central-western India stands ready to take orders for future nuclear power plants, Business Standard said.

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