Byron Station NPP Passes NRC Environmental Review

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Thursday that there were no environment issues that precluded a 20-year renewal of an operating license for the Byron Station Nuclear Power Plant in Illinois.

Ten days ago, the NRC said there were no technical issues related to safety to impede a 20-year license extension for the Byron Station facility. Exelon had submitted applications in May 2013 to have the NRC review two reactors at Byron Station and two others in Illinois at the Braidwood NPP. The Braidwood plant was also given a green light on technical issues 10 days ago.

In a statement released Thursday, the NRC said:

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has published its final report detailing the environmental impacts of renewing the operating licenses of the Byron Station nuclear power plant in Illinois.

The supplemental environmental impact statement contains the NRC staff’s conclusion that the impacts would not preclude renewing the plant’s licenses for an additional 20 years.

Byron Station has two pressurized water reactors, located in Byron, Ill., about 17 miles southwest of Rockford. Unit 1 is currently licensed to operate through Oct. 31, 2024, and Unit 2 through Nov. 6, 2026. The operator, Exelon Generation Co. LLC, submitted its renewal application May 29, 2013.

The NRC published its final safety evaluation report, detailing the staff’s technical review of the application, earlier in July. The supplemental environmental impact statement is Supplement 54 to NUREG-1437, Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants. It is now available on the NRC’s website.

The NRC published a draft version of the report in December and held two public meetings near the plant in February to receive public comment. The final report includes the staff’s responses to the comments.

The Byron station license renewal application and general information about reactor license renewal are available on the NRC’s website."

If approved, Byron Unit 1’s renewed license would expire Oct. 31, 2044, and Byron Unit 2’s renewed license would expire Nov. 6, 2046, the federal agency said in a previous release.

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