NuScale Exec Estimates Modular Reactors In Britain By 2025

Tom Mundy, executive vice president of program development at NuScale said the Oregon-based Fluor company could have a small modular nuclear power plant up and running in Britain by 2025.

NuScaleThe time table, Mundy said in an interview in London that was published by Bloomberg News, is based on the company submitting design plans for approval in the United States by the end of the year. That approval process could take a year to complete. Approval would then have to be granted through a Generic Design Assessment in Britain, which Mundy estimated would take up to four years. Add 36 months for construction and a 50 MW modular plant could be operational by 2025.

It's plausible, if all things line up, we could have a U.K. plant running by 2025,” he said.

Mundy also said that Britain is a viable home for SMR manufacturing, which would give the company a regional base with which it could supply other European companies. “There are U.K. companies that can build everything we need,” said Mundy.

Britain's National Nuclear Laboratory consultancy has earmarked several SMR developers as being a good fit for Britain, including NuScale, Westinghouse Electric Company, China National Nuclear Corp. and Generation mPower, a joint venture of Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises Inc. and Bechtel Group Inc.

A 2014 National Nuclear Laboratory report said the small modular reactor industry could become a $567 billion business by 2035.

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