India's Nuclear Fuel Complex Tops In Production

The Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC) in Hyderabad, India, set a world record for nuclear fuel production in 2015-16 with 1,503 metric tons of fuel produced.

enriched uraniumIt was the second year in a row the NFC produced the most fuel of any plant, but the company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer N. Saibaba said that the plant could produce 2,000 metric tons in the near future, according to media reports.

NFC produces fuel for all of India's nuclear power plants and produced more than the country needed in the year. The surplus was processed to demonstrate that the plant could keep up with future demand, the director said.

“We only need around 750 metric tons today for operating all of our reactors in the country. But we are making more, because we would like to demonstrate its ability to meet future requirements,” Live Mint quoted the director as saying.

“For example, about 16,700 MW reactors are expected to come up by 2030-31. These require huge amounts of fuel,” Saibaba said.

NFC is a component of India's Department of Atomic Energy. At the same time, the country's second nuclear fuel complex in development at Kota will be able to ramp up to 1,000 metric tons of production per year, the director said.

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