Video Clip Shows CA01 Module Lift Executed At V.C. Summer

South Carolina Electric and Gas Company, a subsidiary of SCANA Corporation, announced a major construction milestone Monday, the placement of the 2.4 million pound CA01 module within the Unit 3 containment vessel at the V.C. Summer expansion project.

VC Summer CA01The CA01 module lift, captured in a video clip, was made possible with use of a 560-feet tall derrick that is one of the largest industrial cranes in the world.

The module that will house steam generators and other major components for the plant, was built on site, as it is too large to transport by road or rail. The module stands at about 90 feet long, 95 feet wide and 80 feet high. It was constructed in the site's 12-story Module Assembly Building.

The lift unit is part of a two-reactor expansion project. SCE&G and co-owner Santee Cooper are building two 1,117-megawatt Westinghouse AP1000 reactors, using Westinghouse as the contractor and Fluor as the construction manager.

The reactors will re-balance SCE&G's energy portfolio. Once completed, they will ensure that 60 percent of the company's electricity generation will be derived from planet-friendly non-emitting power sources.

Here's the clip.