Governor Backs Kentucky's Symbolic Bill On Nuclear

In what is being viewed as a symbolic incursion into coal power's established presence in Kentucky, Gov. Matt Bevin has said he will sign a bill that allows for nuclear power in the state that has banned nuclear power for decades.

nuclear powerBevin said in a radio interview that nuclear power “opens possibilities to us,” although he also said that coal would remain the state's No. 1 source of power for the foreseeable future.

Coal-fired plants in the state famous for its mining history accounted for 93 percent of Kentucky's electricity generation as recently as 2013. But that figure has fallen to 83 percent with most of the replacement coming from new natural gas-burning plants.

The state legislature in Kentucky is Republican-dominated. But a bill to end a moratorium on nuclear power will be soon voted on in the state's House of Representatives, AP reported Wednesday.

There are no current plans for a nuclear power plant for Kentucky, howevwer.

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