China's AEC Clears Spent Pool Reconstruction For Kuosheng NPP

[UPDATED] China's Atomic Energy Council (AEC) has approved Taiwan Power's application for a spent-fuel pool reconstruction project for the Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plant in the New Taipei Wanli District. The work is expected to take two months and allow the plant to restart in July. The current pool has been deemed unsafe.

Kuosheng NPPThe plant has been offline since November as part of an annual maintenance program, The China Post reported.

The application for a reconstructed pool was submitted last August and underwent reviews by an special task force and 11 independent experts. The AEC said that construction would be closely monitored.

Operated by Taipower, the Kuosheng Power Plant includes two General Electric Mark-III boiling water reactors, which went commercial in 1981 and 1983, respectively. Their licenses expire in December 2021 and March 2023, respectively.

The Post said that power supply is questionable in the upcoming months, as Unit 2 of the Chinshan Nuclear Power Plant in New Taipei's Shimen District is scheduled for a permanent shut down. In Pingtung County, the Maanshan plant is scheduled for a maintenance shut down.

Taipower spokesman Lin Te-fu said the Kuosheng plant is expected to restart generation in July.

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