Japanese Regulators Approve Two Reactors For Restarts

Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority cleared two more nuclear reactors for restart on Wednesday. Both reactors in the Fukui Prefecture could be restarted as early as this fall, if the restarts meet with local approval, according to Japanese media reports.

Oi NPPThe regulator approved restarts of Oi nuclear power plant Units 3 and 4 operated by the Kansai Electric Power Company.

The reactors have been deemed ready for operations based on upgraded, post-Fukushima Daiichi safety standards. However, they still will be subjected to a local review conducted by the Fukui government.

Local courts are also involved. A lawsuit intending to block the restarts at the Oi plant is pending and the company has filed an appeal on the matter.

Kensai Electric has the most experience ushering its reactors through the new regulatory hurdles. It now has seven reactors at three different facilities that have managed to win restart approval from the national regulator. 

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