Rosatom, Ethiopia, Sign MOU On Nuclear Power

Russian nuclear power giant Rosatom notched a third Memorandum of Understanding in the week concerning plans for export of nuclear power for peaceful purposes, this time signing with Ethiopian officials in a first-ever agreement between the two countries on nuclear power.

RosatomThe MOU was signed Wednesday by Ethiopian State Minister of Science and Technology Afework Kassu Gizaw. Representing Rosatom with his signature was Deputy Director General Nikolai Spasskiy.

The agreement, signed in Ethopia's capital Addis Ababa, “envisages a bilateral cooperation in a wide range of spheres, i.e., development of nuclear infrastructure in Ethiopia, programs for raising public awareness of nuclear technologies and its application, radioisotopes and radio technologies application in industrial, medical, agricultural sectors,” The Ethiopian foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The agreement covers a wide range of practical applications, including security, research, healthcare, power generation and training on nuclear operations for Ethiopians.

Rosatom is currently the world's No. 1 exporter of nuclear power projects with a portfolio that includes 34 nuclear power plants in 12 different countries. Along with construction and operations services, Rosatom also produces 3,000 metric tons of uranium from Russian mines and 5,000 metric tons annually from mines in other countries, according to the Sudan Tribune.

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