CNN Connects Fuqing Unit 4 To Grid

The China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) said Monday that it had connected the fourth unit at the Fuqing nuclear power plant to the grid. According to the World Nuclear Association, the new reactor, a 1087 MWe CPR-1000 model, is China's 37th power plant in operation.

CNNC Fuqing NPPThe unit's 157 fuel assemblies were loaded in the the reactor in the week of June 13 through June 19. It reached first criticality on July 16. Construction on the unit was begun in 2012.

The plant is designed to include six reactors, including three others identical to Unit 4, while the next two will be Hualong One reactors, all of which are expected to be operational by the end of 2021. That gives CNNC a five-year stretch to complete the sixth reactor, for which construction began in December 2016. The fifth reactor at the plant was begun in May 2015.

The Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Company is in charge of construction at the plant located at the Qianxue Village, sanshan Town, Fuqing City in Fujian Province.

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