Three Reactors In Japan Closer To Restarts

Kyushu Electric Power Co. in Japan said Monday that the it had submitted a request to the Nuclear Regulation Authority for an inspection of the Genkai Nuclear Power Plant's Unit 3 that would take the reactor a step closer to a restart in January of 2018.

Genkai NPPAccording to Mainichi News, the plan is to load 193 MOX fuel assemblies in the reactor core in December for the restart expected early next year. This would be the third Kyushu reactor to be restarted since the post-Fukushima shut down of Japan's nuclear power plants. The company also operates the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant in Kagoshima Prefecture, the first two post-moratorium reactors to be switched back on.

The Kansai Electric Power Company also said it had plans to restart Units 3 and 4 at the Oi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukui Prefecture, respectively in mid-January and mid-March of 2018, pending permission from local government. Plant upgrades have taken longer than expected, but requests for NRA inspections of those two units has also been submitted.

Both companies has submitted upgrade plans to the NRA in 2013, although Kansai Electric submitted updated plans on six occasions, while Kyushu made four different amendments to the upgrade plans, according to the World Nuclear Association.

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