Hitachi-GE Reactor Design Gains Approval In Britain

Three regulatory agencies in Britain – Natural Resources Wales, the Environment Agency and the Office for Nuclear Regulation – have given approval to a Hitachi-GE nuclear reactor after a review process that took five years to complete.

HorizonHorizon Nuclear Power submitted the design application for the advanced boiling water reactor it plans to built on the Island of Anglesey in Wales in 2012. Horizon Chief Executive Officer Duncan Hawthorne called the approval “a huge milestone for Horizon and a major leap forward for us in bringing much-needed new nuclear power to the UK.”

Horizon is now expected to submit its application for construction approvals in 2018. The project named Wylfa Newydd – meaning New Wylfa – is currently expected to cost about $16.11 billion to build. The design capacity for the Hitache-GE ABWR reactor is 2.7GW. And it could be the first of two projects involving the same design. Horizon has also targeted a site at Oldbury-on-Severn in Gloucestershire for a second facility.

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  • My brother lived in Anglesey while he was Chief Biologist at the Dinorwig Pumped Storage plant in Gwynedd.

    That ended when the Thatcher government "privatised" the property of the CEGB, and nuclear acceptance went downhill.

    I'm sorry to read that it isn't GE-Hitachi's PRISM reactor, modelled after the remarkably successful IFR, and I believe capable of consuming the long-lived actinides in so-called "spent" fuel, which is calumniously called "nuclear waste".