Rosatom Prepares Leningrad Phase II Unit For First Criticality

Russia's state-owned nuclear corporation Rosatom said that Unit 1 of the the Leningrad Phase II construction project is being prepared for first criticality after the completion of the construction phase of the reactor vessel at the plant in western Russia.

Leningrad Phase IIThe next phase of development for the reactor “envisages a whole series of physical tests that will make it possible to refine the neutron-physical characteristics of the first fuel loading of the nuclear reactor as well as prove the reliability of the entire control and safety system of the reactor installation,” the World Nuclear Association quoted Leningrad NPP Chief Engineer Alexander Belyaev as saying.

Rosatom also announced this week that nuclear power in Russia had exceeded the record of 2016 in the volume of generated electricity “by increasing cumulative production by more than 6.5 billion kWh, up to 202.868 billion kWh (against 196.366 billion kWh in 2016.” the company announced.

The FAS balance of 2017 was exceeded by 3 billion kWh (at the target indicator of 199.84 billion kWh, Rosatom said in a statement.

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