BWXT Nuclear To Produce Zircaloy-4 Tubes FOr Cernavoda NPP

Canada-based BWX Technologies, Inc., said Friday that its subsidiary BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Inc. (BWXT NEC) has been awarded a CA$18.6 million, four-year contract to manufacture zircaloy-4 seamless tubes for Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica SA (SNN), which operates the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant in Romania.

BWXTThe zircaloy-4 seamless tubes are used in the production of CANDU fuel at the Nuclear Fuel Factory located in Mioveni, Arges District, Romania, subsidiary of Nuclearelectrica, the company said. The zircaloy-4 seamless tubes called for in the contract will be produced at BWXT’s Arnprior, Ontario tubing operation.

BWXT has been producing tubes for CANDU fuel for domestic and international markets for over 40 years.

BWXT NEC, a subsidiary of BWXT Canada Ltd., has more than 60 years of extensive experience and innovation in the supply of nuclear fuel and fuel channel components, services, equipment and parts for the CANDU nuclear power industry. Their expertise includes designing and supplying nuclear equipment to fuel, inspect and refurbish reactors.

BWXT NEC employs approximately 350 skilled employees at three locations in Ontario: Peterborough, Toronto and Arnprior. 

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