NRG, LeadCold Begin SEALER Analysis Collaboration

Nuclear service company NRG, based in the Netherlands, said that beginning this year it would initiate a collaboration with Swedish company LeadCold on a multi-year arrangement to help develop the SEALER small modular lead cooled reactor that is under development for deployment in remote arctic regions.

SEALERThe prime target for the lead-cooled reactor is northern Canada, according to a company statement.

The focus of the collaboration is analysis of the sealer. Both companies will compare and share their respective safety analysis of the SEALER.

Beyond that, NRG expects to use advanced 3-dimensional simulation techniques to confirm the feasibility of certain safety features that cannot be evaluated using traditional simulation techniques. For the long term, however, LeadCold intends to construct an electrically heated model of the SEALER reactor model, which should advance options for experimental verification of advanced design safety features as well as the simulation techniques applied by NRG, the company said.

LeadCold Chief Executive Officer Janne Wallenius said the advanced simulation techniques “should confirm the functioning of the designed safety features our reactor relies on … and will help in convincing safety authorities about our approach.”

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