Entergy Contract With GNF Extended

Global Nuclear Fuel (GNF) said Tuesday it had been awarded a long-term contract by Entergy Nuclear to continue to fuel its boiling water reactors.

River Bend NPPThe new contract, valued at more than $250 million, runs from 2019 through 2031 and includes 10 reloads of GNF3. This will make Entergy the first customer to take delivery of GNF3 in reload quantities.

GNF Chief Executive Officer Amir Vexler, called GNF3 "our newest, most advanced fuel product.”  

Produced in Wilmington, North Carolina, GNF3 is based on advanced technology developed by GNF. The fuel assembly is designed to for improved performance and flexibility in operation. 

The fuel assemblies have been operating in several U.S. nuclear power plants. Four lead use assemblies are currently deploed at Entergy’s River Bend Nuclear Station in St. Francisville, Louisiana under contract to GNF since 2015.

In 2019, Entergy’s River Bend nuclear facility will become the first plant in which GNF3 will be installed in reload quantities. GNF3 will be installed in reload quantities at Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Port Gibson, Mississippi, in 2020. GNF has fueled Entergy’s Grand Gulf and River Bend reactors continuously since 2008.

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