Final Steam Generator In Place At Hongyanhe Unit 5

Workers outfitted Unit 5 of the Hongyanhe nuclear power plant in China with its third and final steam generator as of June 10, the China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Limited (CNI23) has announced.

CNI23 Construction LtdThe first two steam generators for Unit 5 were installed May 3 and May 24, the World Nuclear News reported. Installation of the third of the 300 metric ton components allows for “subsequent start of the main pipeline welding work,” CNI23 said.

The steam generators are heat transfer systems that contain “thousands of kilometers” of tubes that allow for the transferred of heat to the secondary circuit, which produces the steam that turns the power plant's turbines.

Hongyanhe Units 5 and 6 are 1080 MWe ACPR-1000 model reactors that make up Phase II at the facility. The first four reactors at the plant are CPR-1000 pressurized water reactors, the first two of which have been in commercial operating status since June 2013 and May 2014, respectively. They were followed by the starts of Units 3 and 4 in August 2015 and September 2016, respectively. All six units are expected to be up and running by 2021.

The plant is owned and operated China General Nuclear and State Power Investment Corporation, each of which owns 45 percent of the plant. The Dalian Municipal Construction Investment Co. owns the final 10 percent, the WNN said.

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