UK Inspectorate Accepts Wylfa Newydd Application

The UK Planning Inspectorate said on 29 June that it had accepted Horizon Nuclear Power’s application for the Wylfa Newydd nuclear plant in Wales. 

Wylfa NewyddA formal review of Horizon Nuclear's plans for two advance boiling water reactors at the Wlylfa Newydd nuclear plant in Wales will commence as Britain's Planning Inspectorate said on June 29 that the application or the project had been accepted.

The application submitted by Horizon, a subsidiary of Hitachi, was sent to the Planning Inspectorate in early June. It is a 41,000-page application called the Development Consent Order.

The Planning Inspectorate had 28 days to look through the application. They could reject it, accept it or request more documents or data.

We have considered very carefully the application submitted by Horizon Nuclear Power and decided it meets the required tests set out in the legislation to be accepted for examination,” Nuclear News International quoted the chief executive officer of the Inspectorate, Sarah Richards, as saying. “Acceptance of the application simply means that the Examining Authority can begin to make arrangements for the formal examination of the application.”

The project is under various reviews simultaneously. The Office of Nuclear Regulation is considering the project for a site license. Natural Resources Wales is also considering the project given acceptance of four permit applications there involving a Marine License, an Operations Combustion Permit, a Water Discharge Permit and a Construction Water Discharge Permit.

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