Contracts For Egypt's Fuel Storage Facility Go To Russia

Russia's Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Georgy Kalamanov disclosed this week that Egypt had hired Russian contractors to construct a storage facility for spent nuclear fuel. The contract includes construction of containers for the spent fuel, as well, Egyptian media reported.

Rosatom The facility to be constructed near the El Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant is expected to be completed by 2028, Kalamanov said.

Rosatom signed contracts in December 2017 covering construction of El Dabaa NPP, a $25 billion four-reactor project built primarily (85 percent) with Russian financing that will be paid back over a 30-year loan. Plans call for four VVER-1200 reactors that are expected to have operational lifespans of 60 years each. The first of the four units is scheduled for commissioning in 2026.

The contracts were made possible by agreements for nuclear power cooperation signed by Russia and Egypt in 2008. The accords allow for construction of Egypt's first nuclear power plant, but also allow for infrastructure development that including facilities such as the spent fuel storage complex.

Rosatom has agreed to run and maintain the nuclear power plant for the first 10 years of operations, eventually turning over operations to Egyptian technicians, who will have 10 years of training on plant operations. 

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