Spending On Bradwell B Giving Locals A Lift

Local media near Bradwell, site of the future Bradwell B Nuclear Power Plant of Chinese design, are reporting that the region is already feeling associated economic benefits through work involving preliminary site study work concerning joint French and Chinese project.

HPR 1000 image China General Nuclear Corporation is the majority owner for the project that will involve construction of Chinese-designed HPR1000 (Hualong One) reactors that have been designated UKHPR1000 reactors to specify the British version. French utility EDF is the minority owner or the plant where construction is not expected to begin until 2021, after British regulators complete their assessment of the reactor design.

CGN's UK Chief Robert Davies said the design should pass the Office of Nuclear Regulation's review, given the design presented “nothing revolutionary” to consider. Davies, quoted by NucNet, also said that the final costs for the project were undetermined, as site surveys had yet to be completed.

Companies from local landscapers drilling test site boreholes and other environmental reviews were already working on the project. Other studies involving impact on local marine environments were to begin in the fall, according to Nuclear News International.

Since January, about 3,000 meters of test holes had been dug with soil samples taken from each. Another 20 boreholes have been dug as a preliminary step for geophysical testing.

By comparison, EDF noted in a newsletter that $835 million had been spent on local services involved in the Hinkley Point C construction project in southwest England, with another $899 million in contracts signed that represents future benefits to the local economy. EDF noted that local spending on the Bradwell B project was expected to be significant and similar to spending at Hinkley Point C.

Local contracts at Somerset, site of Hinkley Point C, include work going to Astron Fire and Security, Blackhill Engineering, Bristol Port Company Ltd, Dan's Engineering, J&G Fencing Ltd., KRG Transport Ltd., Marwood Group, Osprey Shipping Ltd., Staines Trailers Ltd., TCI Ltd (office supplies) and Wincanton, a warehouse and transportation service.

Once constructed, the Gen III HR1000 reactors with 1,180MWe output capacity will be operated by British technicians, their paychecks representing further investments in the local economy.

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