CNNC Installs Four Major Karachi Components In 19 Days

China National Nuclear Corporation said last week that it had reached a construction milestone at the Karachi nuclear power plant in Pakistan, where workers installed the plant's Unit 3 pressure vessel on Sept. 5. It was the fourth major component lifted into place in the past three weeks.

Hualong OneCNNC said that the Hualong One reactor was now installed with all of its “key components.” In fact, the company said that the pressure vessel and three steam generators had been installed in Unit 3 within a span of 19 days. The efficient operation, said CNNC, would be used as a prototype for future construction projects.

Nuclear Engineering International said the components were installed “using an E-frame to 'flip' the components, which increases efficiency and safety,” as well as cutting down on work hours and decreasing the risks of human errors.

The innovative E-frame replaces the fixed bracket approach,

Construction on Unit 3 began in 2016 and is scheduled for start up in 2022. It is a year behind Unit 2 at Karachi.

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