NRC Approves Dominion-SCANA Merger

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Friday that it had approved an indirect transfer of the South Carolina Electric and Gas Company's two-thirds interest in the Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station Units 1,2, and 3, and the ISFSI – the independent spent fuel storage installation.

V.C. SummerDominion received the go-ahead from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in July. The Georgia Public Service Commission approved the $14.6 billion deal in March. SCANA and Dominion announced their plans to merge companies in January of this year.

Regardless of the merger, SCANA subsidiary SCE&G will remain the licensed two-thirds co-owner and operator of the operating reactor (Unit 1) and the unfinished Units 2 and 3, where construction was formally abandoned in August 2017. 

With completion of the merger, the South Carolina Public Service Authority will maintain its one-third ownership of the units and the spent fuel storage facility, the NRC noted.

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